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News - 8th May 2016

CRY Cardiac Risk in the Young

Dear Beefy Botham Charity Foundation,

Many thanks for the further donation of £20,000 that the foundation has made to CRY which is hugely appreciated. It will enable us to purchase an Echocardiogram machine for Beefy’s mobile screening unit.

It’s incredible looking back at how CRY stared to know now over 1000 people bereaved through a young sudden cardiac death, have had direct support from CRY; and over 1400 families have received expert advice regarding the cause of their death through the CRY centre for cardiac pathology. 23,000 young people were screened by CRY in 2015 and we will shortly be approaching over 100000 young people who have now been tested by CRY thanks to our supporters.

Cry has also published over 100 research papers in peer reviewed journals, several of which have resulted in changes to the international guidelines for ECG screening and improving the way cardiac screening is conducted throughout the world. 21 research fellows have been trained by CRY to become specialists in young sudden cardiac death, building a network of expertise across the UK.

What an amazing achievement for beefys foundation to have donated a complete screening unit for CRY, thank you so much!

Best wishes Alison

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News CRY Cardiac Risk in the Young

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